Today on Young & the Restless…

If you’re not a Young & the Restless fan, please refrain from reading because you will most likely get annoyed. Come back when I post about food and other random musings xoxo

Moving on…

Lets start with the whole Phyllis situation.

Oh. My. God.  When will this woman learn not to lie and keep her mouth shut?!  Each episode she’s digging herself into a larger hole.  Personally, it’s becoming more painful to watch this character create a larger mess for herself.

I think we will all know the end product for this story.  The walls are going to close in on her, she’s going to get convicted, wear the orange jumpsuit for a bit, and then her lawyer will find some obscure loophole and she’ll be a free woman.  Typical.

I’m also a little disappointed in what the writers have done to the character of Phyllis.  She used to be so feisty and added a lot of spice to the show.  Now it’s just a woman in a downward spiral.  Not so fun to watch.  This is not to be confused with how Michelle Stafford is performing Phyllis.  I think she’s a phenomenal actress!

I think there should be a drinking game for this whole Phyllis situation.  Drink every time someone gets angry with her.  You’d be black-out drunk 20 minutes in.

Also, I am kind of loving the chemistry between Greg Rikaart and Michelle Stafford.  It’s putting a comical spin on the whole entire situation, and it’s keeping my interest!

Since we’re on the subject…

Let’s also discuss how Ronan and Michael are complete idiots.  They know it’s Phyllis behind EVERYTHING involving Tim Reid.  But, they won’t do anything?  Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand the fact that they are trying to do good by Phyllis because she’s their friend.  But really?  They know she’s lying through her teeth.  They need to realize that it’s time to put their friendship on the side and actually do their jobs.

I honestly think my idea of getting a person on the show to punch characters in the face when they do something stupid would be perfect for this entire story-line.

Okay, now let’s talk about my favorite idiot, Sharon.

This “new” Sharon that everyone is talking about, I don’t see it.  She’s the same Sharon, clinging on to a rich and powerful man, saying “help me, I’m a damsel in distress!”  She just has more of a voice now.  And she’s going on a HUGE power trip.  Which is annoying, seeing that everyone is just going to hate her even more.

What would be funny is whenever Victor returns, he’ll like what she’s done with Newman Enterprises.  I’ll die.

Okay, I’m done ranting about today’s episode.


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